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First Post -- Bush on Immigration

Dear Reader:

What a perfect night for to finally get this up and going. A little less than an hour ago, President Bush finished his speech on immigration.

This author is shocked to admit that she agreed with his plan on dealing with the illegal immigrants already in the country. While she is still undecided on his plan involving the National Guard, she does commend him on finding some middle ground. Mass deportation is not a logical solution and amnesty is a blatant insult to the people who have entered this country legally. This author has no problem with immigrants, it's the illegal ones she opposes.

More details must be made available before any plan can be voted on. There are still too many things that need to be ironed out. And it is about damn time. But... and the author hates saying this... good job, Mr. President.

Until next time gentle reader,

Ms. Silverquill
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