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Druggies, hookers and whores, oh my!

How could I not comment on Grassley's (R-IA) tax-the-pimps-and-prostitutes plan? And the SG's second-hand smoke report.

As most of you may already know, here's my stand:

It's obvious that people are going to do whatever they want to do whether it's legal or not. We're wasting money and tying up the justice system enforcing drug laws, prosecuting dealers/users and incarcerating them. Legalize the drugs and tax the hell out of them. Set an age limit just like you do for cigs and booze. Public areas should be non-smoking, simply because our air is polluted enough as it is. Just lower taxes on tobacco as a way of making up for telling the smokers where/when they can smoke.

Legalize prostitution. Regulate it. Set up "houses of ill repute." Tax prostitutes. Hey -- they'll have to pay income taxes, how novel. Would you charge sales tax? Would it be considered a service? Issue ID cards (100% USDA 'ho), make STD testing mandatory and set the legal age to visit a prostitute 18. As Chris Baker said on the radio today "If you can go to war, you can visit a whore."

Haven't paid much attention to the redistricting, but you can bet I'll comment on it later.

On a personal note -- Andrea Yates should fry!

And that's the plan!
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