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So I listen to C-SPAN every weekday just about all day. Most of the time it just becomes white noise. I love Washington Journal in the mornings, though. I swear every crackpot in America calls in. The election "season" just seems to make people even zanier than usual. I respect that everyone has their opinion but I think there should be an IQ test before they put you on television/radio for the world to hear. And why is it that the craziest people are the ones who give their names?

And, it's a good thing I can hear them but they can't hear me. I say some pretty nasty things at times.

A few things that have pissed me off lately:

News all over Texas about how the state is the only one not signing up for the myspace pervert-protection whatever. I don't agree with the protection-whatever for different reasons than my state's ("it doesn't do enough"). No. It does too much. Why are we paying taxes to raise other people's children? Listen to me, if you cannot control what your child does on the internet, if you cannot explain to your child and make him/her understand that someone who talks about sex is NOT someone they want to talk to, then you don't let your child on the internet. I promise, it's that simple. Explain to your child the dangers of going off with someone they met online. Don't just give them "because I said so" but make them understand. Tell them that if someone starts a conversation they are uncomfortable with or is of a sexual nature that they are to come and drag your lazy ass to the computer so that you can take care of the problem. There are plenty of groups that give advice and offer solutions for these type of things. The burden of protection does not rest with the company or on the government. You are the one who had the kid, it is your job to protect that child. If you can't trust your child enough to be online by themselves, limit their access to a computer and keep them under lock and key.

All the complaints about teaching religion as a history-type class in high school. Parents complain that it will influence their children and blurs the boundaries between church and state. Okay. Look, if by high school (freshmen are what, 14?) you haven't taught your child all about your religion of choice and think they are that easily influenced then don't let your child take the damn elective class. It's an option not required. Personally, I think it's best for everyone to understand the fundamentals of other religions. It might actually make us a less close-minded society.

And I am sick and tired of hearing people tell me that I only have these opinions because I don't have children. The only thing true about that statement is that I do not have children. Having my own little tax-deduction wouldn't change my mind in the least. Hypocrisy is not one of my mottos.

By the way, the baseball hearings are boring!

Everything else is going okay. It's cold which is nice for my electricity bill. I got 2 mice for Christmas and they do nothing but pee and poop on me. The cat wants to play with them. I'm working on a couple of writing projects that may be posted up here one of these days.

Oh, and a very short Spuffy story I wrote was a Judge's Pick at the Spuffy Awards. It's a surprise because the story wasn't very good at all.
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